Terms and Conditions for MURR Media Videography and Photography Services

1. Intellectual Property Rights

  • All footage and photographs captured by MURR Media remain the intellectual property of MURR Media, a trading name of Lee Murray. Clients may use the footage and photographs as per the agreed terms but cannot claim ownership of the raw or edited material.

2. Provision of Raw Material

  • Unless explicitly included in the service package, raw footage and unedited photographs will not be provided to the client.

  • Requests for raw footage or unedited photographs must be made in writing and may be subject to additional charges.

3. Editing and Turnaround Time

  • The standard editing turnaround time for both video and photo projects is approximately two weeks from the date of shooting. This timeline is an estimate and may vary depending on the complexity of the project and current workload.

  • If expedited editing is required, a 'rush fee' will be applicable. The amount of the rush fee and the revised timeline will be communicated and agreed upon prior to commencement.

4. Delivery of Final Product

  • The final product will be delivered via digital download, unless otherwise agreed upon. MURR Media will inform the client of the digital platform and format for download. Additional formats or physical copies may be available upon request and may incur additional charges.

5. Revision Policy

  • Revisions are available within reason. This means the client can request minor changes and edits without additional cost. However, if the client wishes to change the overall direction or style of the edit after it has been agreed upon, this will be treated as a new project and incur additional costs.

6. Music and Sound Effects Licensing

  • MURR Media ensures that all music and sound effects used in video and photo project edits are properly licensed, adhering to copyright laws and avoiding legal issues related to unlicensed use of these elements.

  • In certain cases, clients may be required to assist in the licensing process. This involves pasting a link of the video, as posted on platforms like their website, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc., into the licensing platform used by MURR Media. This step is essential to clear the video of any potential copyright claims and ensure compliance with licensing terms.

  • The requirement for client participation in the licensing process will be communicated in advance. MURR Media will provide guidance and support to ensure this process is straightforward and hassle-free for the client.

  • This process is crucial for the legal use of music and sound effects in the client's project and must be completed to maintain compliance with licensing agreements.

7. Use of Content for Promotion

  • MURR Media reserves the right to use any footage or photographs captured during the project for promotional purposes, unless expressly prohibited by the client in writing.

8. Client Cooperation and Conduct

  • The client is responsible for providing all necessary cooperation to facilitate MURR Media's services. This includes ensuring access to venues, treating equipment and staff with respect, and adhering to agreed schedules. MURR Media reserves the right to terminate the service with no refund if the working conditions are deemed unsafe or if the client's conduct is unreasonably obstructive.

9. Rights and Permissions

  • It is assumed that the client has obtained all necessary permissions and rights for MURR Media to conduct filming and photography. This includes location releases and releases from people appearing in the footage or photographs.

  • MURR Media will not be held responsible for any infringements on rights or legal disputes that arise due to the lack of necessary permissions or releases obtained by the client.

10. Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • If the client decides to cancel the project, they must notify MURR Media in writing.

  • For cancellations made more than 30 days before the scheduled shooting date, the client will be entitled to a full refund of the deposit.

  • For cancellations made 14 to 29 days before the scheduled shooting date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

  • If the project is cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled shooting date, the deposit will be non-refundable.

  • If the client needs to reschedule, they should notify MURR Media as soon as possible. Rescheduling is subject to availability and may incur additional charges.

  • In the unlikely event that MURR Media needs to cancel a booking, the client will be notified as soon as possible, and efforts will be made to reschedule or recommend a third-party service provider. If neither is possible, a full refund will be provided.

11. Payment Terms

  • An invoice will be issued to the client after the completion of shooting.

  • Full payment of the invoice is required before the release of any deliverables (edited footage, photographs, raw material, etc.) to the client.

  • At the discretion of MURR Media, content may be released to the client prior to full payment, but this does not waive the requirement for payment in full.

  • In some cases, a deposit may be required prior to the commencement of the project. The deposit amount will be deducted from the total amount due on the final invoice.

  • Payments can be made via bank transfer, Revolut, or cash.

12. Damage to Equipment or Property

  • In the event of damage to MURR Media's equipment or property caused by the client or third parties during the shoot, the client may be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

13. Complaints and Dispute Resolution

  • Should the client have any complaints about MURR Media's services, they should raise these concerns within 7 days of receiving the final product. MURR Media will endeavor to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of both parties. If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, further steps may be taken as appropriate, keeping in accordance with the laws of Ireland.

14. Liability and Indemnification

  • MURR Media will not be held responsible for any indirect or consequential losses suffered by the client.

  • The liability of MURR Media will be limited to the total amount paid by the client for the specific service.

  • The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MURR Media from any claims, damages, losses, and expenses arising out of the use of MURR Media's services.

15. Force Majeure

  • Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform its obligations due to Acts of Nature, war, government sanction, labor disputes, or other events outside reasonable control.

16. Governing Law

  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland.

17. Agreement to Terms

  • By engaging MURR Media for services, the client agrees to these terms and conditions.